Global Technologies Solution

Our mission is to bring digital transformations to all businesses and activities, and to create an enabling environment for Business & Technology, Cryptocurrency & Stocks, and Digital Learning.

About Us

Global Technologies Solution (GLOBALTECHEDU) is all about making people, businesses, organizations realize the importance of digital technologies in this era of twenty first century. These digital technologies comprise of Digital Marketing, Modern Marketing Tools, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Analytics, Androids, Smartphones, Computers and so on, which have shaped the manner in which businesses and activities are done as compared to the past. Therefore, this platform is created and geared towards making people aware of digital transformations and technologies if they wish to thrive in this current digital world. It is to ensure this through our Services, Trainings and Seminars. This Platform will also help Businessmen, Entrepreneurs and Bosses succeed in their businesses with various marketing strategies by revealing the marketing tools and various ways to make more money online through Cryptocurrency, Stocks, and other Investments.

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Data Analysis

We analyze and interpret primary and secondary data using statistical and research tools like Excel, Spss, Eview, Stata and other tools. We also conduct trainings on it

Business & Career Coaching

We engage in business and career coaching so that our clients can get the first-hand knowledge and information before embarking on any activity pertaining to their careers and businesses. We also hold seminars and one-on-one business and career mentoring...

Trainings & Seminars

We conduct digital trainings and seminars for all categories of people; be it businessmen, students, undergraduates, graduates, NYSC members, team and government agencies and so on.

Business & Economy

We analyze business and economy giving significant importance to technological and digital means.

Graphics Design

We create graphics designs like logo, business cards, business fliers and other great designs.

E-books, Training/Video Courses & Marketing softwares

We sell practical E-books, Training Courses, Video Courses and Marketing Softwares for marketing your business.

Web Development

Do you have great business and you want to be online? We develop stunning websites and blogs of different categories

Payments Integration

Do you wish to be collecting money online through your website? We can help you put payment integration on your site and start receiving payments from your clients through credit cards.

Digital Marketing

We do trainings on digital marketing and disseminate the information, teachings and knowledge so that businessmen, entrepreneurs or small traders can apply it to their everyday business for growth and expansion.

Our Blog Posts

Read From Our Blog to Have the Latest About Digital Technologies, Tips & Guides, Marketing Softwares, Online Courses, Video Courses, Practical E-books, Digitalizing and Marketing Your Businesses...

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