If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business", by Bill Gates (World richest man and Billionaire founder of Microsoft)

"The world is going digital. Digitize and digitalize whatever you do", by Salman R. Opeyemi (Founder & CEO at Global Technologies Solutions {Globaltechedu}).

This is worth thousands of dollars,  but you will get it for almost free! (rather an affordable fee)

In the past two years, I have worked with several colleagues to empower Small businesses to sell more and grow their businesses internationally with many success stories and counting.

 It has always been our belief that every small business is a potential big business, all they need is the right tools (marketing tools)  and skills ( acquired through training and seminars) to succeed and that’s what this platform, Global Technologies Solution wants to help you with.

One of the things I have discovered and learned during this time is that small businesses are not able to effectively sell online, access new markets and grow internationally because of the low level of digital knowledge and understandings, a poor logistics system and not having the skill set to sell online effectively.

We have a solution to this problem and it is totally affordable. My team and I hold training and seminars in the following:

Digital Analytics

Digital Marketing

Digital Automation

Our team at Global Technologies Solution builds this platform where we can impact you through effective training and seminars so that you can manage your products, grow your brand, and handle logistics. You can also put your business on automation with this