Grass Airdrop Review: Earn Grass Points

 Grass is a network sharing application that allows users to sell their unused bandwidth. Where existing networks are operated by exploitative middlemen who extract value from the parties exchanging resources, Grass is an equitable solution in which both sides have an active stake in the network.

Grass has raised a total of $4.5M from investors like Polychain Capital & Tribe Capital and has confirmed to launch a governance token in the future. They’ve introduced a points system in which those who sign up, install the extension and run Grass will earn points. Also get 20% of the referred friends’ points, 10% from the secondary referee’s points and 5% from tertiary referees’ points.

How To Sign Up & Mine Grass Token (Step-by-Step Guide):

- Visit the Grass registration page from the link below. The best is to use Mises browser if you are using phone. So install mises browser from Google play store and copy the link below on your Mises browser and register.

Code: 09UKPr1QJ0YzJ5L

- Submit your details and sign up.

You will need an invite code to be able to sign up. So make sure to sign up using the above link. This will make the code appear as seen from the screenshot above.

- Now login and click on “Connect” to download their extension.

- Install the extension and log in with the same details.

- Once you are connected, you will start earning Grass points.

- You will earn points while browsing the internet.

How To open the Grass Mining Page 

After you have successfully registered. The next is to login. Some people don't know how to locate the extension from Mises browser to connect after registration. Follow the steps below to do that:

- From your Mises browser, click on the extension icon. See screenshot below:

- Then you will see your downloaded grass app extension. Click on it.

- Then you will see the connected page and the connection score (circled in yellow) of your network. The best network connection should be 85% and above. The score reduces if you have bad network. The higher the score, the more grass points to earn.

- Then you can earn grass points by browsing with your browser while the grass mining page is connected. Don't close the mining page. See the more "TIPS" at the end of this page.

- You will also see all your earning as shown in yellow circle above. Epoch 3 just began when I was writing this. That's the reason the earning is small.

- When you click on dashboard indicated by Red arrow above, you will the total interface of grass Mining all. Your earnings and others 

- You will also see also the epoch Mining phases of grass Mining app. We are currently in epoch 3. Each epoch already has its earnings and recorded automatically by the system. 

- We are currently in epoch 3, which starts from March 9 to April 9, 2024.

- So register now on grass and start accumulating grass points 

Tips To Earn More GRASS Token

- The Number one main tip is to get the mining page connected on mises browser, then start browsing with other tab on the browser. Don't close the grass mining page tab when browsing.

- You can mine during the day, but the best is to mine at night from 8pm to 6am when the network is good. 

- During mining, don't refresh the mining page. Just leave it so far as it is mining. If there's bad network, it may disconnect, but will be connected again automatically when the network is in good condition. Don't refresh.

- The best mining experience is to mine through PC. If you don't have PC, you can use phone. 

- Another strategy to mine GRASS is to leave your grass mining page open maybe in the night till day break if you are going to sleep. You can set your phone from Mobile view to desktop view for better mining experience, so that it can appear just like PC. 
To do that, click on the three vertical dots as shown from the screenshot below 

Then tick the "Desktop site" as shown from the screenshot below.

Then the Connected mining page will appear as below as if on PC.

The good thing about this is that you can get grass points even if you are not browsing at a particular moment.

- With the above tip, you can also keep your grass mining page for hours by installing an app called "Caffeine" from Google play store

This app allows your phone display to be open for hours until you close it. Just turn it on.

Quick Steps to Mine Grass TOKEN

- Go through the link below


Ref Code: 09UKPr1QJ0YzJ5L

- Create Account

- Download Grass Extension

- Done

Mining speed will depend on your internet quality.

Note that to enjoy browser extensions, download mises browser to enjoy different extensions. If you want to enjoy crypto Airdrop, download the browser on your android phone.


Grass is a great project and recognized by Binance and many other cryptocurrency exchanges. Binance recently even tweeted about Grass. Other exchanges have been looking forward to the launching of the token too. 

- Grass enables you to earn passive income by selling your unused bandwidth while keeping your privacy intact.

- Also get 20% of the referred friends’ points, 10% from the secondary referee’s points and 5% from tertiary referees’ points.

- The referral will be considered successful only if the referred user has a minimum uptime of 100 hours on Grass.

- They’ve confirmed to launch a governance token in the future so the users who earn points may be able to convert the points into their tokens when the token goes live.

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