Ultimate Guide to Wordpress Platform and Installation: N3,000 or $10

Note that this is not a story book, this is a step by step practical guide to wordpress installation and platform. You will learn everything about word press and start installing word press website for yourself and clients. 

These are what you are going to know after getting the e-book course guide on word press platform and Installation...


STEP 1: - Choose Your Web Hosting Provider

 - Free Hosting VS Self-Hosting

STEP 2: - Choosing Your Blogging Platform

 - What is a blogging platform?

 - Why you should use WordPress     

 - Blogging Platform

 - The Two WordPress Systems (wordpress.org and word press. com)

STEP 3: - Register Your Domain Name

STEP 4: - Get a Web hosting Hosting  Plan

STEP 5: - Install WordPress On Your 
Web Host

STEP 6: - Design Your Blog

After you have installed and designed your wordpress, here are what you are going to Know Again with step by step practical guide with pictures

- Getting Started

- Your WordPress Login

- Exploring the WordPress  


- How to Use the WordPress Admin 

- Exploring WordPress Settings

- WordPress Posts vs. Pages

- How to Create a WordPress Post

- How to Add Links in WordPress

- How to Add Images to Posts & 

- How to Use the WordPress Media 

- How to Format WordPress Posts

- How Schedule WordPress Posts

- How to Create WordPress 
Categories & Tags

- How to  Create a WordPress Page

- How to Apply  a WordPress Page 

- What are WordPress Plugins?

- How to Install  WordPress Plugins

- What is a WordPress Theme?

- How to Install a WordPress Theme

- How Use WordPress Widgets

- How to Create a Custom Menu 
in WordPress

- How to Manage Comments in 

- How to Create Users in WordPress

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
&  WordPress

- WordPress Security

Who is this Wordpress Installation and platform Course e-book for?

- Anyone that wants to learn wordpress from the beginning to advanced level.

- For all web developers in wordpress

-For all bloggers and Content writers using word press platform.

Hurry up to get your Wordpress platform and Installation copy...

This price of this Wordpress Platform and Installation course  is N3,000 or $10.

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