Imota Review: How To Mine Otara Token

 The Imota Mining Application offers a convenient way to mine OTARA tokens, the native cryptocurrency of Imota Wallet backed by Remitano. This article explores how the app works, the safety measures in place, and how to get started with Otara mining.

What is the Imota Mining Application?

The Imota Mining Application is a mobile app designed for mining OTARA tokens, the cryptocurrency native to the Imota wallet supported by Remitano.

How Does the Imota Mining Application Work?

To start mining OTARA tokens, simply download the application, initiate mining activities daily, and boost your mining rate by inviting friends to join.

What is OTARA?

OTARA serves as a decentralized cryptocurrency token with various utilities, its value determined by market demand and supply. Otara stands as the primary token for the Imota wallet, allowing users to mine it for free using the Imota wallet app. 

Is the Imota Mining Application Safe?

Rest assured, the Imota Mining Application prioritizes safety. It operates without consuming CPU resources or accessing personal smartphone data, ensuring a secure mining experience.

How To Start Mining Otara on Imota

- Download Imota app at or from Google play store.

- After downloading, register by filling in your details. Enter this code during registration.

Code: jlpBnZhp

- After successful registration, verify your account by doing KYC level level 1 and 2 by submitting your document ID (government recognised ID card).

- After successful verification, Click on the menu on your homepage as seen from the screenshot below:

- In the Referral Program, Click Apply now

- Copy and paste the code: jlpBnZhp

- Then, Click Submit.

Once your account is activated, you can keep claiming Otara token by following the following steps: 

Collecting Otara Tokens

The primary task in Otara mining is collecting Otara tokens daily. By clicking on the gemstone icon in the “OTARA” category of the Imota app, you can collect a certain amount of Otara tokens. Initially, you will receive 0.1 Otara per collection. But as times goes on you can increase to 1 Otara per collection if you maintain a daily streak mining. 

You can mine Otara by Mining, Claiming and Spinning which are explained below in each heading. Follow the steps below to mine or earn more Otara token: 

- How To Earn Otara by Mining

1. Go to the gemstone icon as seen from the screenshot below:

2. Click on "Tap To Mine" as seen from the screenshot below:

It will add to your Otara balance. You can do this daily

- How To Earn Otara by claiming

- Go to the gemstone icon as seen from the screenshot below:

If you missed the mined session, you will see "claim now". Click on it

Then it will appear as below. Click on "claim"

- An ad may appear. Don't click on the ads. 

- Let the count-dowm of the ads get finished as seen from the screenshot below:

- Then you will see "reward granted". Click on it.

- It will take you back to Imota mining app. And show that it has been claimed as seen from the screenshot below:

Sometimes, you may missed more than one: see screenshots below: 

Sometimes you missed more, see screenshot below: just click on "Claim Now".

It may show you to please wait by counting down to zero, as seen from the screenshot below:

Then you will see claim on each. Click on  each to get your Otara token. It may show you the ads just like I mentioned above. Don't click on it. Allow it to count down to zero. And click on "rewards granted", as explained above. You can do this daily

- How To Earn Otara by Spinning Otara wheel

1. Go to the gemstone icon as seen from the screenshot below:

Then go to "Play Now" as pointed by the red arrow below:

You will see that you have one spin as pointed by the white arrow below:

 To increase your number of spins, you have to compete daily missions as seen from the screenshot below:

You can connect your Coinsavi account once: Coin savi is a partner with Imota and Remitano and they are launching their own coin called "Savi Token". You can register on Coinsavi by following the instruction from the link below and start mining Savi Token. 

You can also watch ads to increase the number of spins by clicking on "watch"

Sometimes, it might be loading. Allow it to load as seen from the screenshot below.

Then wait till the count-down to get to zero.

Then watch the ads. Don't click on the ads so it will not redirect to another site. Just let the count down on the ads get to zero. 

It will show "Reward granted" as seen from the screenshot below. Click on it.

It will take you back to Imota wallet. Click by watching the ads like 3 or 4 times till it is finished. Watching ads gives you additional 5 spins daily, as seen from the screenshot below.  

You can also increase the number of spins by doing other missions like inviting a friend, sharing on Twitter and Facebook.

I've watched the ads and shared on twitter as seen from the screenshot below. Share on Facebook and invite your friends to increase the spins. Whenever a friend joins, you get one more spin per friend. 

The new interface of IMOTA Wallet should look like this screenshot below: 

Then you will see the number of spins to earn Otara token. You should see up to 7, 8 or 9 spins after completing the daily missions as seen from the screenshot below.

After you have accumulated more spins. Then the next thing is to click on "Spin" as seen from the screenshot above.

There's something I will explain lastly on this. After you spin, let's say, for example,  it selected 0.5 out of all the choices. If you choose "COLLECT", you will get 0.5 Otara token of reward. But if you choose "GET X10 REWARD", you will get 5 Otara tokens of reward. 

Choosing the second option above will redirect to ad page. Don't click anything on the app, let it count dow to zero. 

Then you click on any of the close symbol as seen from the screenshot below.

But if you choose the highest number, 10, you will click on "COLLECT" to get it. It won't show other option to click because 10 is the highest option in the spin rewards.

NOTE: Make sure you keep clicking the second option when it appears. This is the best way to increase your daily balance of Otara token. 

After playing all the spins, you will see that all spins have been exhausted as seen from the screenshot below:

That's how to accumulate Otara token on Imota wallet. You can even accumulate from 20, 30 Otara token up to 50 daily with this method. 

Keep accumulating Otara token. Otara token is set to be launched on 4th quarter of 2024. Mainnet checklist is currently on going. Listing on CEX is on 1st quarter of 2025.

How To do KYC on Imota App


1. Open the Imota mining App.

2. Click on Menu. And look at the top right corner of your screen you will see KYC 1 and 2, then click on it.

3. Passed The Robot verification process.

4. Then select your country type.

Input your phone number. Then wait for a few seconds a verification code will be send to your email address. Copy and paste the Number into your Imota and then click on summit. You are done with KYC level 1.



1. Click on KYC level 2.

2. Passed the robot verification process.

3. Select your country type.

4. Take photos of both front and back of your ID card. Submit it. And wait for Imota customer service to approve it. So simple and easy.

Mining Sessions

Users are granted three mining sessions per day, with each session lasting 8 hours. These sessions are scheduled as follows:

Session 1: 0:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Session 2: 8:01 AM – 4:00 PM

Session 3: 4:01 PM – 11:59 PM

During each session, you can mine Otara tokens once.

Daily Streaks

To maximize your Otara mining rewards, it is crucial to maintain a daily streak. By logging into the Imota app every day, you can increase your daily streak count. The longer your streak, the more Otara tokens you will receive. Make sure not to miss a single day of mining to avoid losing your streak bonus.

Leveling Up and Increasing Mining Speed

As you progress in your mining journey, you have the opportunity to level up and increase your mining speed. Each level corresponds to a higher mining speed, resulting in the ability to earn more Otara tokens per session. Here are the different levels and their requirements:

Level 0: Default mining speed of 0.10 Otara per session.

Level 1: Increase mining speed to 0.15 Otara per session based on 3 days daily streak duration within 30days.

Level 2: Increase mining speed to 0.20 Otara per session by maintaining a daily streak for 7 days within 30days.

Level 3: Increase mining speed to 0.25 Otara per session by maintaining a daily streak for 10 days within 30days.

Level 4: Increase mining speed to 0.30 Otara per session by maintaining a daily streak for 15 days within 30days.

Level 5: Increase mining speed to 0.50 Otara per session by maintaining a daily streak for 20 days within 30days.

Level 6: Increase mining speed to 0.75 Otara per session by maintaining a daily streak for 25 days within 30days.

Level 7: Increase mining speed to 1.00 Otara per session by maintaining a daily streak for 30 days within 30days.

What is the Total Supply of Otara Token?

The total supply of Otara tokens is set at 300 million. For more detailed information about Imota's tokenomics, please consult the Whitepaper.


The Imota Mining Application presents a user-friendly, secure, and rewarding platform for mining OTARA tokens, making it an excellent choice for crypto enthusiasts seeking to explore new opportunities in the cryptocurrency space.

Additionally, it's important to note that the Otara token is slated for mainnet launch in Q4 2024 with listing on exchanges expected in Q1 2025, with an anticipated price of $0.5 per Otara token.

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