Whatsapp Group Sender Pro: Whatsapp Marketing Software - N5,500 or $15

I want to introduce to you a software called "Watsap group sender". It posts to unlimited groups. Let's do the calculations. Imagine trying to send your business addresses and Information to thousands of people. Will you be moving from one place to another or calling them one buy one? ... Hell No! This marketing software can solve your problems.

For instance, there is 200 people in a watsap group and you send the messages to about 200 groups. That means your business information has reached 40,000 (200 x 200)prospective clients or customers. Imagine trying to move from one place to another physically either by buses or legs or trying to chat them one by one either by phone or through Watsap. This software could have saved you from stressful and costly advertisement.

Whatsapp group sender is whatsapp marketing software that help you in sending your advert messages to unlimited groups. You can search for whatsapp groups on this software with keyword (facebook, google, twitter, pinterest, url). You can extract whatsapp numbers from this software. There is inbuilt filter to show active whatsapp and non active.

 It has the following features:

1.  Complete Solution

2.  Sending test messages for review messages after sending

3.  Clear all chats history one click

4.  Groups search/scraper by country and more.

5.   Leave groups after actions

6.   Delete groups after actions

7.   send any type of files

8.   Full C#.net source code

9.   Easy to customize for non.  

10. Sending Unlimited Messages

11. Sending Multi-Multimedia  

12. Whatsapp groups search /      

13. Whatsapp groups filter

14. Groups contacts extractor

15.  Anti banned module multi text   
       messages (reduce the chance of

16.  Random Waiting Control after random X messages (anti blocking)

17.  Random delay between messages (anti blocking)

18.   Reselling application

19.  licence key Generator

20.  allows the     buyer to resell application

21.  100% Stable application


 # This software can generate 
      Watsap group links based on keywords.

 # This software can send to 
        unlimited Watsap groups.

#  This software can extract the numbers          of members of all groups and your.  
     joined whatsapp groups.

# The video and manual of how it works.     
    will be sent to you.

This price of this software is #5,500 or $15.

To get this software, pay #5,500 or $15 in the the bank account or Bitcoin address  below:

Account No:  3074305686

Bank Name:   First Bank

Account Name: Salman R. Opeyemi 


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