(SCAM ALERT) Instantcoins.Ng Review

Disclaimer:  Note that the review we made here on instantcoins was based on our last transaction on the website in 2020. Try and do research and find out if there's customer care on any social media before doing any transaction on the website. Many people have labelled the exchange as SCAM as they didn't get paid after sending them Coins. So don't trade with them 

It is no news that cryptocurrency is the future of digital currency with a high number of unbanked individuals. cryptocurrency makes it easier to carry out transactions online without restrictions. 
One problem people face in Nigeria is converting their bitcoins to cash, with many self-acclaimed vendors online who claim to buy and sell these bitcoins but end up robbing the individuals of his or her bitcoin.

The days of losing your bitcoins to scammers are over; the days of waiting are over; wait no more to get credited instantly. Nigeria’s blockchain ecosystem continues to develop at an impressive pace. Bitcoin trading increased by about 1500% in Nigeria, in 2017 alone. The country ranks high among leading crypto frontiers in Africa.

 But despite this, traders still face different obstacles and challenges. The most critical among these is perhaps the difficulty with finding credible exchanges.

This is concerning as people would occasionally want to change their coins to other coins or currencies. While there are several exchangers catering to the Nigerian market, the real challenge lies in finding a trustworthy exchanger that will not charge exorbitant fees while still keeping your transactions safe and secure.

And this is where Instantcoins have caught our attention. This revolutionary exchange stormed to the scene not so long ago. It is based out of Lagos, Nigeria, offering some of the best cryptocurrency exchange services we’ve seen in this part of the world, along with a bunch of other cool features.

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Nigeria’s №1 leader of the crypto movement

Instantcoins was founded out of the need to help individuals and institutions buy and sell Bitcoins, Ethereum, and Perfect Money in a simple, fast, and secure manner. Thanks to this fully-automated platform and ‘security-first’ ethos, it has emerged as one of the very best cryptocurrency exchanges in Africa.

 Instantcoins based out of Lagos, Nigeria. It is duly registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Everyone knows the crypto scene in Africa is now more than just a technology. Instantcoins has positioned itself right at the forefront of this movement to help its users discover and interact with this technology to their best advantage. Instantcoins is making cryptocurrency easy to use for Nigerians!

Instantcoins have built Nigeria’s best platform for digital currency integration and it is leading the change for maximum financial freedom and inclusion. Today, it has become one of the most trusted names in the Nigerian crypto space and it is still striving to do more. You too can join the movement.

Champion of the Nigerian crypto revolution!

Instantcoins guarantee fast and secure transactions. This platform is simple and easy to use. The industry-standard security also means your transactions are super-secure. And because everything from buying to selling is fully automated, there is no need for human input and so there are no annoyingly long wait times. When you trade on Instantcoins, you can trust that nothing will ever go wrong!

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Fully Automated:

Instantcoins.ng is a fully automated cryptocurrencies trading platform in Nigeria, where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, USDT, lite coins and also perfect money automatically without any wait time. Payment is completed instantly.

If you sell coins to instantcoins, Naira is paid out automatically instantly once coins is recieved, and also if you buy coins from instantcoins, it is sent out instantly once naira is recieved. There is no human input or any delays.The platform offers an instant cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to trade using your regular bitcoin wallet, perfect money, and Paxful account.

According to data on the exchange’s homepage, Instacoins.Ng has processed over 432 thousand transactions so far and it is still doing so.

Cryptocurrencies supported by Instantcoins:

- Bitcoin (BTC)
- Ethereum (ETH)

FIAT currencies supported by Instantcoins:

- Nigerian Naira (NGN)

Supported African countries: 

- Nigeria

Payment methods accepted:

- Bank Transfer
- Perfect Money

Based on marketing and user reviews of the platform, the major feature of the exchange is the speed of transactions.

Unlike similar exchanges, Instantcoins operates automatically and is open every time of the day. Another interesting feature is the extremely low sell limit. The current sell limit on Instantcoins is $1, which is well below the usual $20 or $25 on many exchanges.

Amazing rate and security:

At instantcoins.ng, it offers you the best buying and selling rate for all cryptocurrencies. As a FINTECH, it provides the best industry standard security to help keep users safe on the internet.

Want to know why people love instantcoins?

- Instant service.
- Simple platform. 
- Unparalleled security.

- Instant service;
- no wait time
- Super simple interface for easy transactions

- Industry-standard security for your peace of mind

- Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money; everything is a go!

- 100% Average satisfaction rating

- 24/7 Our support experts are ready to assist anytime

-432k+ Total numbers of completed transactions.

How To Purchase Bitcoin on Instantcoins:

To buy bitcoin on Instantcoins, you will have to sign up at insantcoins website. You are required to provide your name, phone number, email, and create a password.

After, you will have to verify your account before you can buy or sell bitcoin—more about that in the KYC section below.

Finally, you can purchase your bitcoin. Navigate to the “Buy coins” tab on the exchange. Select the currency(bitcoin, etherium, perfect money) you want to buy. Enter the amount in USD and enter (paste) your bitcoin wallet address or perfect money account if you intend to buy perfect money.

Click on the “Buy Coins” button to complete your purchase.

Note that before you can buy bitcoins, you will be given your own unique instantcoins bank account. You can access the bank account by going to the "banking" tab. 

Then, to transfer funds to the account, you will choose "Providus" as the bank name. The amount you send will be credited instantaneously and you will see your balance at the top. 

It is the money in this account that you will use to purchase either bitcoin, ethereun or perfect money. This account will be given to you after you are through with the KYC requirements. Check KYC details below.

Instancoins.Ng KYC Requirements

Instantcoins.Ng requires you to verify your identity before buying coins on the site. This is because of the compliance requirements of financial platforms by regulators.

To verify your identity on Instantcoins, you will have to provide the following:

- Bank verification number (BVN)
- Your phone number
- Proof of identity: A valid passport, driver’s license, or any other Nigerian government-issued photo ID card (Voter’s, National, and Residence card).

After you have provided the information above, you can start trading (buying and selling bitcoin) on instantcoins with daily and monthly limits of N50,000 and N200,000 respectively. 

If you want to trade more than that, you need to provide the following information.

- Proof of address: Utility bill.
- Selfie: Finally, you will have to take a clear photo with your face while holding up the proof of identity and a piece of paper that says “Buying coins on instantcoins.ng” alongside the date and your signature

Paxful Wallet Integration

The instant exchange platform has integrated Paxful wallets to enable seamless transactions for users who are already familiar with the P2P marketplace.

All trades from Paxful wallets on Instantcoins attracts no extra fees for life. To trade with your bitcoin on Paxful, you will be directed to paxful where you would be instructed to confirm the amount of bitcoin you wish to sell.

This integration comes in handy considering how most traders begin from peer-to-peer exchanges, and this allows them to enjoy Instancoins.Ng’s swift transactions while using an interface they are already used to.

Customer Service:

The Instancoins.Ng team provides excellent customer service. They are very active on social media platforms like Instagram, What’s App, and Twitter.

During this review, I had instant customer support from the team on Instagram anytime I had a question or ran into some issues.

You can also contact the support team via email and receive a response as soon as possible.

Here are some quesions (FAQ) and answers that may help you: (quoting from their website

1. Why should I trust instantcoins.ng?

Instantcoins.ng is not just a website to exchange bitcoins, ethereum and perfect money, but a FINTECH that has changed the game of exchange with it's automated exchange system, we have been featured on top tech websites and blogs all over Nigeria. Naijaloaded , Lindaikeji , Techcabal etc have all featured our articles you can click on each website names to read them yourself. We are also a regisered business licensed to do business in Nigeria our business number is RC2737898 you can confirm this via the CAC website. Our minimum sell limit is also $1 which gives you the chance to try out our automated system and see how fast we credit you, when we say fast we do not mean minutes fast but seconds. It is unbelievable which is why we want you to take action and have this experience.

2. What kind of cryptocurrency can i trade?

You can buy and sell bitcoins, ethereum and perfect money.

3. How fast do i get paid?

All trades are instantly completed by our automated systems, there is no human effort from our side and no delays or wait time, if you sell coins you get credited to your bank account instantly, if you buy coins you get it sent to your wallet instantly too, it is all fully automated.

4. I didn't get sms alert from my bank what do i do?

All transactions completed on our website are instant, this means that money is sent to your bank account immediately a transaction is marked as completed, in some cases your bank may not send you sms alert but your bank account has been credited. All you need to do is check your balance at the ATM or mobile app.

5. How can i trade my paxful bitcoin?

Trading paxful bitcoin with instant coins makes you pay zero wallet fees for life, this means that you will not have to ever pay for fees when sending from your paxful wallet. To trade your paxful coins, you will be directed to paxful where you would be instructed to confirm the amount of bitcoin you wish to sell to be sent to us.

6. What are your working hours?

We do not have working hours, our website is online 24/7 365 days all year round, our system is fully automated and can credit your bank account any day and any time even on public holidays and weekends, money gets to your bank account in seconds.

7. How do i register an account?

To register on instantcoins.ng and start exchanging coins you need to go to the registration page here fill in your details and click Register.

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Bottom Line

If you are looking for a site to complete a quick cryptocurrency exchange in Nigeria, you should consider Instantcoins.Ng.

At the time of writing this review, there have been no reports of hacks or stolen funds on the platform as the team takes security seriously.
The platform doesn’t hold your coins or funds at any period. Instead, you transfer only what you want to sell when you want to.

Combining the speed of transactions and active customer support, Instantcoins present a good case as a go-to exchange. 

Disclaimer:  Note that the review we made here on instantcoins was based on our last transaction on the website in 2020. Try and do research and find out if there's customer care on any social media before doing any transaction on the website. Many people have labelled the exchange as SCAM as they didn't get paid after sending them Coins. So don't trade with them.

You can leave a comment here if you have been scammed by Instantcoins.

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