CryptoTab Browser: Mine and Earn Free Bitcoin With Your Smartphone

CryptoTab is the world’s first browser with built-in mining feature. It lets you earn cryptocurrency just by using the browser to visit sites everyday. Try this improved mining algorithm, mine up to eight times faster compared to Goolge Chrome.

I prefer Crypto tab to chrome because I do earn Bitcoin just by using crypto tab to browse. 

How to Install Crytotab Using your phone

Visit the link below to install crypto Tab

On the Crypto Tab browser homepage, you will see different versions of Crypto tab browser Apps to install (Android version and PC version).

Install the PC version on your system if you are using PC

But for the android smartphone, you will see two versions

1. The Free Version 
2. The Pro Version 

The free version is free to install. You can install it. 

The pro version is the best which costs like $2 on Google play store. I have and use the pro version though.

After installing the app, click on Crypto tab yellow icon (pointed at with Red arrow) at the bottom of the browser, as seen from the screenshot below.

On the next page, it will show you to sign up with your gmail. Make sure that it is a working gmail account you use and login every time.

Then login to crypto tab by signing up with your gmail account.

Then click on ENABLE MINING as seen from the screenshot below

Then it will start mining. As you can see from the screenshot below, it will mine for two hours.

After that two hours, try to check so as to ENABLE MINING again whenever you want to browse with the browser.

Note: For the free version, the mining will run for 2 hours. Then you open the app to start mining again.

But for the Pro version, the mining will run for 3 hours. Then you open the app to start mining again.

How to Install cryptoTab on your Computer or PC

1. Click or copy the link below to your browser.

2. Download crypto tab on your PC 

3. Sign in with your gmail 

4. Open mining speed to maximum

How to Access Cryptotab Dashboard on Your Smartphone

Click on the cryptotab icon from the app. 


Then you can see the dashboard which shows the speed of your mining rate.

Thats also the dashboard you can ENABLE MINING every time

That's also the dashboard you can withdraw your earnings.

You can find so many things on the dashboard.

And you can also install it on your desktop, laptop or other PC. But make sure you use the same email address to sign on all devices.
You can see the instructions from the screenshot below.

If you really want to earn bitcoin for free repeatedly by not investing anything using Crypto Tab browser Pro Version. You are in the right place. 

We have gathered the information as a business package to those that will like to earn bitcoin with cryptotab browser Pro. 

Note that you are going to get the following when you order the Bitcoin mining business package with Crypto tab.

1. Crypto Tab browser App (Pro Version)

2. Information package on how to install it and increase your daily mining and Speed.

You can see that the cryptotab browser App pro is not free from Google play store. See the screenshot below:

But I will give you for free when you order for this mining business package. 

You can see the screenshots of my withdrawal. You can also see that the payments are frequently made to same Bitcoin wallets.

This information package will only cost you N1,000 (N5,000) or $3 ($15). To order the mining package, pay N1,000 into the following account:

Name: Salman Ramadan Opeyemi 
Bank: GTB
account number: 0135955966


pay $3 into the following accounts:

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PayPal and Payoneer also available.

After payment, chat us on Whatsapp with the following numbers to get this Crypto mining business package.


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