Renec Testnet Wallet Review: How To Get 100 RENEC In The Testnet Wallet

As you know, Remitano recently started depositing 100 RENEC into each RENEC wallet owner registered to experience Remitano Network Testnet.

If you have registered for Remitano Network Testnet experience since 1st April 2021, please quickly log into your RENEC wallet at the following address: to check your wallet balance and start testing token transfers/receipts with friends on the network.

Click the link below to register for invitation to experience Remitano testnet wallet:


The above link is a form you have to fill to receive the 100 RENEC in the testnet wallet.

You Still Haven't Received Your RENEC In Your Testnet Wallet?

Don't worry; Remitano is currently depositing 100 RENEC to the wallets of users who register for the Testnet experience in the form of first-come-first-served, with a frequency of RENEC top-up about every two weeks. So you'll see a mild delay from signing up to receiving RENEC.

Remitano will soon add an automatic RENEC top-up feature on Testnet to the wallet when the user requests it with just one button to overcome this delay. So be patient and bear with the Remitano.

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How To Create A New Wallet If You Haven't Created A RENEC Wallet Yet

Step 1: Visit the RENEC wallet page at:

Step 2: Click "Create wallet"

Step 3: Tick the box "I have saved these words in a safe place." then click "Download Backup Mnemonic File (Required)" and save this file in a safe place that only you know. Finally, click "Continue" button.

Note: If you do not tick and download the backup Mnemonic File, the Continue button will not be clickable. Please do all the steps.

You can also manually copy the Seed Words/Phrase to a text file and store it in a safe place on your computer or write it down on paper. Mnemonic is a file that contains the seed phrase; called RENEC.bak on your computer, and you can open it with your computer's default Text editor. Please note that when opening this file, your computer will often ask you to choose a software to open; let's select Notepad software on Windows or Text Editor on MacOS.

Step 4: Copy and paste the seed words saved in step 3 and click "Verify"

Step 5: Choose a password for the wallet. This is an optional step to increase the security of the wallet; you can skip it if you don't want to create a password. Finally, click on "Create Wallet" button. Voila!

How To Return To RENEC Wallet If You Already Created One 

The way to reaccess the wallet is very simple. If you don't know how, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the RENEC wallet page at:

Step 2: Click the button "Restore wallet".

You will need to paste the secret code or seed words/phrase) you saved when you created the wallet to the box below. You can also create a password for extra security, but this part is optional.

Note: If you have ever created a RENEC wallet and set a password on the same Chrome browser profile, you need to enter the password first when restoring (recovering) the wallet. However, if you forget your password, open another incognito browser window and go to the wallet page. Now, you just need to enter your seed phrase to recover the wallet.

You will see this page, scroll down and continue to click the "Restore" button at the bottom of the page and enter your main wallet account interface.

Have you seen your 100 RENEC yet?

If you want to log out of the wallet on the browser, move your mouse to the top right corner of the screen, click "Account" select "Delete Mnemonic & Log out"

You will then have to paste your seed phrase used when you log in to complete the sign-out step.

How To Transfer And Receive Tokens In RENEC wallet

First, to transfer (Send) and receive (Receive) RENEC, you must know your wallet address. It's a single alphanumeric string like this.

When you want to send RENEC, you will click on the"Send" button, then enter the recipient's wallet address in the field of "Recipient Address" and the amount of RENEC you want to transfer in the field "Amount"* . Finally, click the *"Send" button to complete the RENEC sending operation.

Note: The RENEC transfer fee on the network is 0.00005 RENEC

When you want to receive tokens, you will click on the "Receive" button and copy your wallet address to the sender or share the QR code with them.

In the future, you will be able to do even more things on RENEC wallet such as staking, participating in Defi applications, trading crypto via decentralized exchanges (DEX), etc. Let's start mastering the basic operations on RENEC wallet.

Explore Transaction History

If you have read this far, you must be wondering how you can check the transaction history in your wallet. Very easy. You can review all wallet transactions on the network in the following ways:

Step 1: Click on the amount of RENEC available in the wallet; then click "View on explorer"

Step 2: You can start viewing your wallet's transaction history at "History" tab. Try clicking on a transaction.

You will see the transaction information on the network as follows in detail, as shown in the example below. Even top-up 100 RENEC transaction to Testnet wallet is recorded.

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Scam Alerts:

- All transactions on Remitano Network's Testnet have no real value.

- All RENEC tokens used for transactions on the testnet via RENEC wallet have no real value and cannot be used for exchange or purchase.

- The number of tokens that miners own in the current RENEC mining program cannot be transferred out of the Remitano wallet (at to the RENEC wallet until the mainnet launches.

- All information about listing RENEC on any exchanges and trading RENEC is not valid. Therefore, we recommend that RENEC owners beware of these scams.

What Can I Do To Get RENEC?

Mining of Renec has officially ended on the 30th of September, 2022. So Renec has been officially  launched on the 20th of  October, 2022. So whether you mined RENEC through the free mining program or not, this is the best opportunity for you to buy or swap RENEC now with USDT by following the steps below: 

follow the instructional steps below to get prepared on how you can buy or swap RENEC after launch from 20th of October onwards:

Step 1: Register on Remitano through the link  below if you don't have REMITANO account:

Step 2: After successful registration, Search for "Remitano" on App Store or Google play store and Download Remitano mobile app.

Step 3: Open the app and login in.

Step 4: Verify your level 2 account by Doing your KYC.

Step 5: Then, learn how to swap coins on remitano from the link below: while waiting for your Level 2 KYC to be fully verified.

Note: (From the tutorial guide on the link above on how to swap coins on Remitano)The same process you can use to swap/trade RENEC.

Be an early investor by following the instructional steps above to buy RENEC from Remitano by swapping. Don't miss out on this Amazing opportunity.

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