UBA Token System Update Review: SCAM ALERT

NOTE: Universal Basic Asset was a scam project. The team disappeared on all social media with no sign to launch the project.

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If you want to learn more about the project and how it started, continue reading below:

Universal Basic Asset (UBA) has upgraded the token system at 0:00 on February 12, 2023 (utc time), and the original UBA Test will be renamed UBA Ticket. The upgraded dual currency is: UBA Ticket and UBA Token. After the upgrade, the dual currency system will be better circulated in the entire ecology and make greater contributions to the UBA ecological construction.

UBA Ticket is distributed fairly according to the user’s online time, and the output is reduced by 25% every year. At the same time, inviting friends to join the UBA network can increase the user level and obtain a mining coefficient bonus. You can also increase the mining coefficient by pledging NFT.

In order to reward early users for their support of UBA, we will automatically convert UBA Test into UBA Ticket at a ratio of 100:1. In the future, UBA Ticket can be used to exchange Ticket Quota, exchange UBA Token, NFT upgrade and synthesis, pledge UBA Ticket to improve user level and team level coefficient, etc.

Universal Base Asset Token (UBA Token) is the governance token of the project, supporting the development of UBA ecology, with a total of 1 billion.

How To Mine UBA

Universal Basic Asset (UBA) is a new kind of initial capital for the future; users will be able to spend it or invest it. You can follow the instructional steps below to get UBA quota to start mining UBA for free:

Step One: Click the link or copy and paste it on your browser and register

 Link: https://uba.finance/?id=173132

Step Two: After sign up. Then go to "mining". You will see your mining quota at the top.

Step Three: Click on "Mine UBA" Then click on "harvest" whenever you want withdraw the mined UBA.

If you don't understand, you can follow the step by step instructional steps to keep mining and accumulating UBA from the link below:


You will also read more on how to mine UBA with your smartphone, tab or computer for free from the link above.

Read more on how to mine UBA with UBA Nft on autopilot:


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