SCAM - Universal Basic Asset (UBA) launched the soul token SUBA

NOTE: Universal Basic Asset was a scam project. The team disappeared on all social media with no sign to launch the project.

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 Universal Basic Asset (UBA) launched the soul token SUBA

Universal Basic Asset (UBA) launched the soul token SUBA as a proof of identity, and users who have registered at and experienced the product before 00:00 on February 12, 2023 (UTC time) can claim it. Depending on the number of previous UBA Tests, the level of SUBA received is different.

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About SUBA

SUBA is the user’s identity proof in the UBA network, which is different from UBA NFT. SUBA will be introduced into the entire UBA ecology, has the rights and interests of UBA NFT, and will be able to give priority to participating in ecological projects and receive rewards in the future.

For users who hold SUBA, after the circulation of UBA Token, they will receive blind boxes of different levels according to different levels, and the blind boxes contain a random number of UBA Tokens.

The opening and collection time of SUBA will be notified separately, so stay tuned.

SUBA features:

- Non-transferable: Users cannot transfer SUBA to other users;

- Uniqueness: A user can only receive one SUBA;

SUBA is divided into 5 levels, based on the registration time, online time, the number of invited friends, the number of NFT holdings, etc. The higher the SUBA level received, the more UBA Airdrop you will get in the future. In addition, UBA Airdrop will occasionally come and the opening time will be notified. Users who have SUBA can receive it for free during this period!

How to get SUBA:

In order to get SUBA, kindly go to your UBA mining account, and click on "SUBA" from the menu.

- Then click on "Get SUBA".

See the two arrows from the screenshot below:

Then you will see your SUBA on the page. The screenshot below on how it appears from the Desktop view.

The screenshot below is how it appears from the Mobile view.

That's how to claim your SUBA token from UBA mining account.

How To Mine UBA

Universal Basic Asset (UBA) is a new kind of initial capital for the future; users will be able to spend it or invest it. You can follow the instructional steps below to get UBA quota to start mining UBA for free:

Step One: Click the link or copy and paste it on your browser and register


Step Two: After sign up. Then go to "mining". You will see your mining quota at the top.

Step Three: Click on "Mine UBA" Then click on "harvest" whenever you want withdraw the mined UBA.

If you don't understand, you can follow the step by step instructional steps to keep mining and accumulating UBA from the link below:

You will also read more on how to mine UBA with your smartphone, tab or computer for free from the link above.

Read more on how to mine UBA with UBA Nft on autopilot:

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