Renec To Be Listed on Bitmart

 RENEC Blockchain's native token, RENEC, is set to be listed on Bitmart, one of the top leading cryptocurrency exchange. This announcement is a significant milestone for RENEC Blockchain, as it opens up new opportunities for users to trade RENEC and access the platform's various services.

Bitmart is a leading global cryptocurrency exchange that offers users a secure and reliable platform for buying, selling, and trading a wide range of digital assets. Founded in 2017, Bitmart has quickly established itself as a trusted partner for investors and traders looking to access the cryptocurrency market. The platform is known for its user-friendly interface, robust security features, and extensive range of trading tools and services, making it a popular choice for both novice and experienced traders.

Listing timeline

By adding RENEC to Bitmart, users have the flexibility to trade the RENEC/USDT pair on the platform, providing more options when performing financial transactions. Specifically, the important milestones are as follows:

- Official listing announcement from Bitmart: 28/04/2023.

- Enable RENEC Deposit to Bitmart user accounts: 03/05/2023, 10AM UTC.

- Enable RENEC Trading on Bitmart: 05/05/2023, 10AM UTC (Official listing).

- Enable RENEC Withdrawal from Bitmart user accounts: 06/05/2023, 10AM UTC.

Listing events

To celebrate RENEC being listed on Bitmart, special events are coming up just for the community:

- Social Media Airdrops of $1000 RENEC.

- Deposit RENEC for up to $10000 RENEC prizes.

- Saving RENEC for up to $4000 RENEC prizes.

- AMA (Ask Me Anything) session of $300 RENEC.

Stay tuned and keep yourself updated with the latest information on these events by following RENEC Foundation's official social channels:

Overall, the listing of RENEC on Bitmart is a significant development for RENEC Blockchain and its users. The listing will provide users with greater access to liquidity, making it easier for them to trade their RENEC tokens. Additionally, the listing will help to raise the platform's profile and attract new users, helping to drive the growth and adoption of RENEC Blockchain in the highly competitive cryptocurrency market.

What Can I Do To Get RENEC?

Mining of renec has officially ended on the 30th of September, 2022. So RENEC had been officially launched on the 20th of  October, 2022. So whether you mined RENEC through the free mining program or not, this is the best opportunity for you to buy or swap RENEC now with USDT by following the steps below: 

follow the instructional steps below to get prepared on how you can buy or swap RENEC:

Step 1: Register on Remitano through the link  below if you don't have REMITANO account:

Step 2: After successful registration, Search for "Remitano" on App Store or Google play store and Download Remitano mobile app.

Step 3: Open the app and login in.

Step 4: Verify your level 2 account by Doing your KYC.

Step 5: Then, learn how to swap coins on remitano from the link below: while waiting for your Level 2 KYC to be fully verified.

Note: (From the tutorial guide on the link above on how to swap coins on Remitano)The same process you can use to swap/trade RENEC.

Be an early investor by following the instructional steps above to buy RENEC from Remitano by swapping. Don't miss out on this Amazing opportunity.

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