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Propeasy Token: Claim Prop Token Now:

Note: This airdrop is ending in 7 day's time from today when this is posted here: Wednesday15th of November2023.

Hurry up and Claim fast...

Propeasy is in partnership with RENEC

Propeasy's first Airdrop event has officially launched!

Propeasy: Real estate investment platform 4.0 is now available at

Check the airdrop link from below:

Sign up with your email and verify it through the link sent into your email.

(Then you will receive your prop Token on your propeasy login airdrop page)

Simple and hassle-free; Propeasy's Airdrop process allows EVERY USER TO GET EARLY ACCESS and receive rewards!...

Don't joke with Proptoken. It is in partnership with RENEC. Put your email and verify your email. Ensure u connect your RENEC wallet (Carax Demon wallet) to receive the token after the airdrop.

Don't joke with this airdrop. This is in Partnership with RENEC. Connec your RENEC wallet (Now Carax Demon Wallet). Don't joke with anything I post on RENEC.

To enjoy carax demon wallet. Download the wallet extension on Mises browser. A great browser to have for all crypto lovers. You can download the wallet app from Google play or Apple store if you wish.

How to receive rewards?

  1. Login: Use your registered email address at Airdrop's Home Page.

  2. Connect wallet: Connect Carax Demon wallet.

  3. Receive Reward: Make sure your wallet address has completed KYC so the system can send tokens to your wallet within 48 hours after the Airdrop program ends.

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