SuperEx Cryptocurrency Exchange Review: First Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

The superEx Exchange Review: The first Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency Trading or Exchange Platform

SuperEx main services include cryptocurrency trading, derivatives trading and decentralized high-security storage for digital assets. While also supporting more innovative services such DeFi, NFTs, savings, mining, stocks etc.

1. Introduction
2. What Is SuperEx Exchange?
3. Features of Superex Crypto Exchange
4. SuperEx Exchange Review
5. SuperEx Register 
6. SuperEx Login
7. SuperEx Token (ET)
8. SuperEx ET Airdrop
9. SuperEx Exchange Trading
10. Summary 


Welcome to the our SuperEx Cryptocurrency Exchange review. Many projects are springing up daily – including cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto projects, and others.
Just like different crypto projects, the launching of cryptocurrency exchange platforms has now been a common thing in the crypto space – one of the recent crypto exchanges launched is the SuperEx exchange platform.

However, many crypto enthusiasts are eager to read the honest SuperEx exchange review – to know how reliable the exchange platform is.
In this article, I will be walking you through the details of the SuperEx exchange platform and also the SuperEx exchange review to know if the exchange platform is reliable or not. 

Generally, the whole idea behind blockchain and cryptography is decentralization. Right from Satoshi’s whitepaper, blockchain technology is all about building a decentralized system that is not operated by an individual or a body.
Decentralization is an emerging financial technology that removes the control banks and institutions have on money, financial products, and financial services.

In centralized finance, your money is held by banks and corporations whose overarching goal is to make money. The financial system is full of third parties who facilitate money movement between parties, with each one charging fees for using their services.

Centralization didn’t just stop at the banks and corporations. It also extends to cryptocurrency exchanges. whose topmost claim is to take down the control held by the banking system. These days, one can’t feel safe using some exchanges because of the fear of insecurity. A system where you don’t fully own your keys is not fully decentralized.

In the quest to build a fully decentralized exchange, SuperEx was born. As the world’s very first Web3.0 cryptocurrency exchange, it is working towards building the world’s fastest and most secure cryptocurrency exchange. They are developing the most user-friendly interface for everyone.

What Is SuperEx Exchange?

SuperEx exchange platform is a platform launched in 2022, it is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows its users to buy and sell crypto assets, it also comes with a futures trade feature – which allows users to leverage crypto-asset fluctuation with up to 150× leverage.

The exchange platform team claims to create a metaverse world based on Musk’s SpaceX on the platform. According to their whitepaper, they wish to make the idea of colonizing Mars inspired by Elon Musk come to life with their unique creation on the platform.

The mission is to develop a Web 3.0-based business concept that enables decentralization, DAO management, community decentralization, and hands-on access to cryptocurrencies for billions of users. SuperEx will allow seamless interoperability between the real and virtual worlds, the metaverse, and the universe, as well as every planet. They are also building the most transparent, secure, stable, and decentralized digital asset trading platform in the world.

The SuperEx app and website combine the functionality of a cryptocurrency exchange with a next-generation digital wallet, providing members with an all-in-one platform for savings, investments, payments, and lifestyle benefits. At this point, the goal is to introduce the first billion people to cryptocurrency through the most frictionless user experience possible. Since the launch of its private beta in January 2022, SuperEx has quickly established itself as one of the most significant communities in the global blockchain space.

Features of Superex Cryptocurrency Exchange

Zero security risk: Decentralized SuperWallet is integrated, and the private key is encrypted and stored on the user device. Not affected by code security, politics and other factors.

No registration & KYC (Q2): Wallet authorized transactions, no registration, no KYC, transaction settlements are completed on the chain, can not be tampered with, safe and transparent.

Open system (Q2): Allow users to interact with Dapp or smart contracts, by opening SuperWallet, users can be authorized to participate in Meta, DeFi and NFTs.

Space Fund: Space Fund is used for human exploration of space or to fund institutions or individuals that have made significant contributions to human exploration of space.

SuperEx Exchange Review

SuperEx exchange came up with a slight decentralization approach by introducing a decentralized wallet within the exchange app – where users can store their crypto assets without the interference of a third party – users can create the decentralized wallet within the app and have the private key without anybody control over it.

The exchange platform also prioritizes security by employing 2-FA authentication as a security backup.

How To Register on SuperEx Exchange

Before you can do anything on SuperEx Exchange Website you need to register first from the link below if you are yet to register.

Register an account and confirm your account with the activation code that would be sent to your mail, then log in to the app.

After registration, you can download the app from Google play store and login with your email and password you used during registration.

How To Login to SuperEx Login

To log in to SuperEx exchange app, you need to firstly sign up on the SuperEx exchange, which is simple – aspiring users can register an account with the exchange in just 3 minutes.

Register an account and confirm your account with the activation code that would be sent to your mail, then log in to the app.
After registration, you can download the app from Google play store and login with your email and password you used during registration.
Alternatively, you can login with the email and password to their website: superex Exchange

SuperEx Token (ET)

SuperEx exchange utility token is ET – that’s issued by the SuperEx exchange team to allow holders of the token to enjoy low trading fees and exclusive right to the exchange platform. It has a 1 billion token supply.

According to the exchange team, ET will be bought back from the market with 50% profit generated from the exchange platform annually – this is an approach to reduce the total supply from 1 billion to 200 million tokens.
As per the SuperEx exchange roadmap, they planned to develop a public chain – to create a metaverse world on it and use ET token as the major asset that would be used in the metaverse world.

SuperEx ET Airdrop

To reward their early users, SuperEx exchange is offering some of its utility tokens (ET) to anyone that registers on the platform.

You get ET airdrop when you newly sign up, follow their social handle, and other activities to earn the token listed on the airdrop page.

You will be given $10 worth of ET upon sign up.  Dont try to withdraw it. Wait till after launch. Just keep holding.
Register now from the link below:

Take advantage of this opportunity now and get the FREE ET Token...

SuperEx Exchange Trading: How To Trade On SuperEx Exchange 

You can start to trade on SuperEx Exchage Trading platform when you have successfully registered on superEx Exchange through the link below:

But you can just login to the website or app and start trading if you have already registered before.


SuperEx exchange came with a great idea to create a centralized exchange – that also has a decentralized wallet integrated into it. SuperEx exchange has an eye-catching design and it has a great user experience.

However, my SuperEx exchange review is that – it prioritizes security and also introduces nice incentives to its users but, the proposed plans in the whitepaper can come true if and only if the team is dedicated to serving its users at its best.

The ultimate goal of SuperEx is for the founding team to delegate authority to the DAO, resulting in a fully decentralized platform that is autonomous and managed by the community.

In case you don't know....

The ET Token given to you is locked.... It will be unlocked gradually...

New projects are locked so people will not sell off. Otherwise, the projects will crash.

But all will be unlocked if you start trading the future on the exchange. 

Also, the referral  bonuses you earned will be unlocked if your referrals start trading futures.

To see Locked and Available balance, Click on the ET coin, as seen from the screenshot below:

you will see "locked" and "Available Balance". Note that the available balance is the one that you can withdraw, use, swap, trade or any. See screenshot below:

As time goes on,  More of ET token will be  will be unlocked and added to the available balance that you can use:

You can also unlock more ET token by by clicking on Airdrop base from the home page of the SuperEx APp. See screenshot below:

Then it open a page to perform some tasks. Do it and unlock/Earn more ET token.

Read more on the new Unlocking event of ET token as announced by SuperEx:

"New rules of the event: Every time a new user is recommended to successfully register a SuperEx account, the inviter can get an ET airdrop, and the invited friend will unlock the ET with the inviter for Futures trading, and the unlocked ET will be credited to the account in real time.

Unlock quantity = transaction fee * unlock difficulty / ET price


1. Other contents of the ET unlocking event remain unchanged;

2. The new ET unlocking event is valid for a long time;"

If there's any updates as regards the unlocking process of ET Tokens, I'll update it here.

What are you waiting for? Register on SuperEx from the Link below and get Free ET Token 

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