Officially Launching the Utility Token ET/USDT Trading pair on September 30, 2022 (UTC)

 Announcement on officially launching the platform utility token ET/USDT trading pair on September 30, 2022 (UTC)

Since SuperEx was launched, it has been in a state of rapid development. In order to better open the ecosystem layout and allow every user to participate in building and developing the platform, it has been decided by the team that SuperEx will officially list the platform utility token ET on September 30.

SuperEx is the world's first web3.0-based cryptocurrency trading platform based on the same goals and values, together forming a global consensus DAO, supported by decentralized governance and DAO fund incentives, with ET as the platform utility token.

Previously, SuperEx has completed the product launch of SuperWallet, decentralized wallet that lets users to authorize transactions with just one-click, realizing decentralized asset storage and decentralized transactions. At the same time, the ever-expanding DAO team is building community decentralization.

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 ET introduction:

ET stands for Extraterrestrial Token. It is a blockchain digital asset utility token issued by the platform on TRC20 chain. It can be used for spot/contract trading, listing deposits. With ET as the token, SuperEx will open up the Metaverse Office, set up a space fund, and issue a digital asset financial ecosystem such as SuperChain. In the future, SuperEx will realize the real Web3.0 ecosystem, the decentralization of the team, the decentralization of the community, the decentralization of assets and transactions, and the complete decentralization of rights.

 As the utility token of SuperEx, ET will be the credential and driver for every SuperEx user to participate in building the SuperEx ecosystem, participate in DAO governance, and exercise ecosystem capabilities. ET will play a vital role in ecosystem development as an economic foundation and circulation hub. The launch of ET enables holders to enjoy the rights and interests of the digital financial ecosystem.

ET Core Benefits

ET is a credential to participate in the governance of web3.0 ecosystem: users holding ET can participate in the value system of WEB3.0 ecosystem such as DAO community voting and autonomy.

ET is the credential of SuperEx VIP rights and benefits: users holding ET can enjoy the rights and benefits of SuperEx VIP customers, including but not limited to: exclusive rates and exclusive crypto deposit and withdrawal services, exclusive club, exclusive account manager, exclusive project whitelist, exclusive gifts, SuperEx University study opportunities, etc.

ET is the credential to get the initial mining bonus: users holding ET can enjoy the initial mining bonus of DEFI ecosystem on SuperChain after the launch of SuperChain, which is supported by SuperEx's specially established SuperChain Ecosystem Fund.

ET is the gas for WEB3.0 ecosystem: ET is the gas of SuperEx ecosystem public chain, which will circulate as GAS fee and enjoy the value empowerment of the whole ecosystem.

ET is a credential to participate in internal discounts: ET holders can enjoy super high discounts on transaction fees.

ET is the voucher to get exclusive quota for new projects: ET holders can participate in the first issue of exclusive quota for new projects with ultra-low price.

Stay tuned for more benefits..

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ET Allocation

- Token Name: ET(Extraterrestrial Token).

- Total Supply: 1000000000 Tokens(1 billion).

- Issuing Mechanism: Never to be additionally to be issued.

ET Allocation Mechanism

- Angel Investors: 5%

Angel investors can buy ET at a 50% discount. At the same time, bring resources and brand endorsement to SuperEx, including celebrity IP and well-known institutions in the blockchain industry.

- Team Rewards: 20%

The USDT value of the ET repurchased and burnt every year needs to reach a set target. If the target is not achieved, the team’s ET share originally scheduled to be released in the next year will be directly burnt.

- Community Fund: 15%

Each community user can subscribe to no more than 1,000 shares, and 20% will be unlocked immediately after the subscription is closed, and the remaining 80% will be released gradually within 10 physical months.

- SuperChain Fund: 20%

It will be used to develop and launch Defi, web3, and other projects to coincide with the SuperChain which is expected to be released in the second half of 2023.

- Transaction Mining: 40%

It will be used for CEX and DEX user trading liquidity incentives.

Thanks again for the support of the vast number of users, SuperEx will continue to spare no effort to build its reliable DAO organizational governance scheme, realize the decentralization of user assets and transactions, the decentralization of the platform team, and the complete decentralization of rights. The DAO organization drives the user community autonomy, allowing digital One billion users experience cryptocurrencies first-hand, and march into the encrypted world of Web 3.0 together.

SuperEx ET Airdrop

To reward their early users, SuperEx exchange is offering some of its utility tokens (ET) to anyone that registers on the platform.

You get ET airdrop when you newly sign up, follow their social handle, and other activities to earn the token listed on the airdrop page.

You will be given $10 worth of ET upon sign up.  Dont try to withdraw it. Wait till after launch. Just keep holding.
Register now from the link below:

After successful registration, download the app and login with the same email and password you used during registration.

You can alslo login to the website by entering the email and password you used during registration.

Take advantage of this opportunity now and get the FREE ET Token...

You can also accumulate more ET token by referring people to register on superEx cryptocurrency exchange. See the screenshot below: 

Take advantage of this opportunity as I don't know how long the free ET token will be given out. 

In case you don't know....

The ET Token given to you is locked.... It will be unlocked gradually...

New projects are locked so people will not sell off. Otherwise, the projects will crash.

But all will be unlocked if you start trading the future on the exchange. 

Also, the referral  bonuses you earned will be unlocked if your referrals start trading futures.

To see Locked and Available balance, Click on the ET coin, as seen from the screenshot below:

you will see "locked" and "Available Balance". Note that the available balance is the one that you can withdraw, use, swap, trade or any. See screenshot below:

As time goes on,  More of ET token will be  will be unlocked and added to the available balance that you can use:

You can also unlock more ET token by by clicking on Airdrop base from the home page of the SuperEx APp. See screenshot below:

Then it open a page to perform some tasks. Do it and unlock/Earn more ET token.

Read more on the new Unlocking event of ET token as announced by SuperEx:

"New rules of the event: Every time a new user is recommended to successfully register a SuperEx account, the inviter can get an ET airdrop, and the invited friend will unlock the ET with the inviter for Futures trading, and the unlocked ET will be credited to the account in real time.

Unlock quantity = transaction fee * unlock difficulty / ET price


1. Other contents of the ET unlocking event remain unchanged;

2. The new ET unlocking event is valid for a long time;"

If there's any updates as regards the unlocking process of ET Tokens, I'll update it here.

What are you waiting for? Register on SuperEx from the Link below and get Free ET Token 

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