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Welcome to Mara Exchange Review — Africa's Digital Finance Ecosystem!

MARA, a Pan-African crypto exchange, recently launched and announced $23 million funding from Coinbase Ventures, Alameda Research (FTX), Distributed Global, TQ Ventures, DIGITAL, Nexo, Huobi Ventures, Day One Ventures, Infinite Capital, DAO Jones (investment DAO backed by Mike Shinoda, Steve Aoki and Disclosure), and nearly 100 other crypto investors, and angels including Amit Bhatia and Hamad Alhoimaizi.

MARA’s mission is to become the portal to the crypto economy for the Afrihican population. While cutting-edge technologies such as cryptocurrency have shown incredible promise among Sub-Saharan Africa’s predominantly young and technologically-native population, there are considerable hurdles to using them. 

Many existing global exchanges cannot operate in the region due to regulatory challenges as well as difficulty reaching the African consumer in an authentic way. These barriers to access significantly restrict both the number of people who can participate in the crypto economy and the potential uses for digital currency in the region.
Mara demystifies blockchain technology. We are the platform for 1 billion Africans to learn through while leveraging blockchain technology to build digital wealth.

Mara empowers you to develop your financial literacy so you can take the greatest possible advantage of the numerous opportunities available in the digital economy.
We deliver the possibilities of this new world with a focus on ease, simplicity, and education.
Mara Wallet, one of our first products, is launching soon.

The Mara suite of products addresses a variety of crypto-finance needs while complying with local regulations and being built authentically for the African audience. The features include:

Mara Wallet – a brokerage app offering the crypto-curious user a friendly, distilled experience through which they can buy, send, sell and withdraw both fiat and crypto assets instantly and without any prior crypto knowledge.

Pro-Exchange – a cryptocurrency platform focused on experienced users that offers a comprehensive suite of trading options and technical analysis tools.

Mara Chain – a Layer-1 blockchain, powered by the native Mara token, that gives savvy developers a place to build decentralized applications that will help shape the future of the African crypto economy.

Mara Wallet 

Mara Wallet is set to launch soon. Below are what you will encounter with Mara Wallet after launch...

Dream to invest: 

With your Mara Wallet, you simply deposit money in your local currency, have your cash invested into alternative finance opportunities and trade instantly!

Dream to connect: 

With Mara Send, you can send and receive money from loved ones and Mara Tribe members easily, cheaply and instantly!

Register and earn $2 of rewards:

Register now from the link below and get $2 of rewards. This $2 reward will be in locked value for future use on Mara Wallet.

Sign up for the Mara Wallet waitlist and receive rewards in USD and crypto for future use on Mara Wallet.

Mara Exchange Sign-Up (How to Register on Mara)

- Register and earn $2 of rewards!:

To register or sign up on Mara, you have to register from the link below. Then follow the instructions to input your details.

Sign up for the Mara Wallet waitlist and receive rewards in USD and crypto for future use on Mara Wallet:

Mara Exchange Login 

- After successful registration, it will show you a page where you can download Mara App. You can also download Mara App from Google play Store or Apple Store. 

- After successful download, login with the login details you used during the registration.Then you will see your $2 sign up bonus at the top of the Mara App. See screenshot below:

Mara Wallet Referrals 

- How does it work?
Referring others through the pre-launch version of Mara Wallet is quick and easy. On the app’s home screen, tap the big “Earn” button at the bottom of the screen.

This will lead you to another screen in which you can copy your referral link… and that’s the link you share with your friends and family.

They use that link to download the app, and once they verify their email address and phone number, you’re all set!

How much can I earn?

You can earn $1 USD in locked value for future use on Mara Wallet for every friend you successfully refer into the Mara Tribe.

What other benefits are there?

Gain early access to the MARA Token PLUS an ample suite of Mara products, promotions and services.

Would you like to earn money by helping the Mara community grow?

What is a Mara Champion?

A Mara Champion is a formally affiliated frontline representative of Mara. Champions educate those in their community about Mara, help them open a Mara account, and assist them with deposits, withdrawals, and transactions.

Who can apply to become a Mara Champion?

Anyone who is a mobile money agent, networker, business owner, social media influencer, union leader, community leader, student, youth corper, blogger, etc. can apply to become a Mara Champion.

What benefits does a Mara Champion receive?

- Early access to the Mara Token.

- Get brand collateral support and participate in Mara events.

- Earn $0.20 commission for every 2nd-degree referral. 2nd-degree referrals are successful referrals by users directly onboarded by the Champion.

- and many more promotions, prizes, and perks that will materialise as Mara grows and evolves!

Mara Waitlist 

Tell your friends and earn rewards for it. When anyone signs up with your referral link, you will move up the waitlist, and both of you will earn reward. 

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